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Classes with Zhee Singer at Northampton Center for the Arts
EIGHT TUESDAY AFTERNOONS 1 to 3:30pm: APRIL 9 to MAY  28, 2019
FEE: $320.00 plus Supplies see below
To register, email ncfa@nohoarts.org or call the Center at 413 584-7327. Please include your name, address, and telephone contact. Course fees are payable in advance by check to “NCFA” and can be mailed to the Northampton Center for the Arts, PO Box 366, Northampton MA 01061. We do not accept credit cards. Classes are held in our lower level studio at 33 Hawley Street. Parking is free. https://www.nohoarts.org/art-classes/category/create-your-own-visual-art-world 
Zhee Singer received his MFA from San Francisco Art Institute in 1973 after studying at the Art Students League in NYC. Since then he has had numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the country, to include the Oakland Museum and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Tours and Travel Program. Zhee’s work is represented in many private and public collections, including I. Magnin, Haines Collection and the Rene di Rosa Foundation.
An important part of being an artist is to understand the immensity of art culture. Expressionism may be the single most important art movement of modern history, producing the best and worst in painting, and defining subsequent movements by their furtherance or rejection of its principles.
To think creatively is to comprehend what drives the art world. To recognize greatness in others is to understand it in yourself and give it personal expression.
Processes may involve the manipulation of space, the deconstruction of form. Take the opportunity to re-invent your visual world. 
This class will explore different form and space making systems as they relate to abstraction. We will focus on abstraction and different artists, art movements, elements of visual language, and concepts past and present; all to engage and open students’ visual ideas and art making practice. Students will be encouraged to pursue their own ideas and imagery as they work with the course material. Painterly drawing will be explored using different visual resources for inspiration.
Simply put, this class is about exploring possibilities – the use of various combinations of materials on any paper related products, from fine drawing rag to left-over cardboard, various materials, constructions, stencils, large format drawing wall-works and found objects towards the individual pursuit for a personal visual voice is encouraged through art making processes and in-depth discussions.
ART SUPPLIES – MIXED MEDIA: We are going to work big in this class!
Materials have been selected to support student’s exploration of mixing materials towards fuller creative expression. While there are many good sources for art supplies, and you can use any source you like, to simplify I recommend https://www.dickblick.com/  for easy ordering and good prices.
PAPER: ‘Fabriano Studio Watercolor Paper’ 29.5” x 42”, 140lb=300gsm. Order #10063-1050
BRUSHES: ‘Craft Brushes, Assorted Set of 25’. Order #06280-1309
PAINT: ‘Amsterdam Expert Series Acrylics, set of 12’. Order #01620-0129
‘Liquitex Acrylic Glazing Medium’ 8 oz. Order #00618-2015
COLORED PENCILS: ‘Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils’ – set of 12. Order #20508-1209
PLASTIC PALEETTE: ‘Rectangular Plastic Palette’. Order #03426-1875
ERASER: ‘Prismacolor Kneaded Rubber Eraser’. Order #21502-2720
MASKING TAPE: ‘Artist Masking Tape’ 3/4” wide. Order #24124-1034
PENCIL SHARPENER: Or single-edge razor.



Professional Guidance of Visual ART PORTFOLIO for College Application


Planning for Art / Design College

Your High School Path Creating a Portfolio for your College Application

Art work: Drawing, Painting, Print Making, Design, and Commercial Illustration


                                       Creativity is a calling – Make the future catch up to you
Build your portfolio for college application with professional guidance to help ensure your acceptance into the school of your choice.

Review and critique of current portfolio.
Structured portfolio development and content editing.
Assignment and critiques of projects to enhance and build portfolio content.

Art Portfolio College Counseling is a personalized educational consulting service for high school and community college students who want to advance their education. We nurture and strengthen our students’ artistic development by offering practical information, creative mentorship, and innovative counseling that enables them to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to launch themselves successfully in college and beyond.

Consultation and guidance fees for 10 hours at private studio with included technical support 875.00

Zhee Singer is a professional artist and National art publisher of fine art
He has worked as a commercial illustrator for fortune 500 companies. Clients include Micro Soft and IBM  
His exhibitions include the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Tours and Travel Program, and the Oakland Museum.



Classes by Zhee Singer at Studio Works Modern


To REGISTER NOW contact Mia at:

Studio Works Modern at the Brush Building | 221 Pine Street, Ste 230, Florence, MA 01062 | Phone: 413-727-8352 | Email: info@zheesingerstudio.com

Class Description:  These classes offer a positive approach for both the beginning and seasoned student.

Are you interested in being an artist, or aspiring to a Visual Arts Career? Explore drawing, painting and printmaking. Learn about Fine Art, Commercial Illustration, Design, Publishing, and Applied Visual Arts. For beginners through advanced.

The art instructor Zhee Singer is a professional artist and publisher of fine art, worked as a commercial illustrator for fortune 500’s. Exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Tours Program, Oakland Museum, gallery exhibitions, private and corporate collections.

Zhee Singer stresses the importance of a sound knowledge of materials and techniques, but also strongly encourages experimentation with both materials and ideas, whether with still life, the human figure or one’s own fantasy, in order for each student to find a personal expression.


DATES:  Classes start Wednesday, April 3, 2019 – ongoing!

Time4 – 6:30 pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Available3 classes per week, enroll in as many/few as you like

Register and sign up for 1 class per week =  4 classes per month = $150

Register and sign up for 2 class per week =  8 classes per month = $300

Register and sign up for 3 class per week =  12 classes per month = $450