Hells bells and sea shells
I’m a painter who wants the immense privilege to muck about in the studio with my head in the clouds yet finding myself more often than not head in a hole like an ostrich trying not to get my ass shot off.

While I love delicate lines and paint chemistry, atmospheric tones, colors, curves and forms that remind me of melodic music and rhythmic taunts
I thrive on the endless transformations of art culture as if some crazy person with genius skill pulled something out of their heart undulating like a wild snake and then suspended it, blew it up like a balloon and threw it up on the wall or left it on the floor – that’s like wow to excite something in the viewer.

Having said that the fact is for me at least the production of art is slow painstaking hard work.
I fret over every mark, remark, tone color combination.
The materials are demanding, even if it looks easy, my hands have fits like desperate birds fluttering and my eyes bulge out of my head, to see, to see, to see objectively as I search for clarity with just enough ambiguity to mystify.

I want everything perfect,
I want you to love it!
I want your eyes to drift over it and feel good about the piece’s strength and countenance.
In every painting I walk between caring too much that I may over-guild the lily and not caring so much that I don’t beat the life out of it, like some overbearing tyrant.
I walk between the freedom of creative spirit and the endless calculation of a math head to get it right.

A visual artist is like a musician, a poet, or an actor – trying to evoke sprits both dark and light, in textures rich and powerfully atmospheric that draws you in like a blinking light, that seduces and persuades you into entrancement.

Or what the hell – just looks really good on the wall.

A poem by Zhee Singer:
Blank Canvas
in the midst of immense space
with edges darkly voluptuous
there stands a gorilla in the studio
and its name is emptiness

The most interesting thing about modern art is the sheer magnitude of possibilities within modern painting. In its formative stages at the turn of the 20th century many thought it irrational when in fact just the opposite was true. It was mercurial, inventive both in design and anti-design anti- narrative and narrative, subject and object became ambiguous.

It embraced the multiple vectors of science, new values of ever-expanding technology, urban living, high fashion, glitz, the new wealth and squalor of the industrial revolution producing expansive architecture and the perforcive demands to fill it. Modern Art for modern times.

Modern art history is the story of arts forward motion and the sub-textural movements it gave birth to through the artists of their time who had the vision and heard the voice of the new aeon, from the Russian Avant Guard, Dada, Surrealism, to the birth of American Abstract Expressionism. The modern art wave broke at the shores of contemporary art culture as it exhausted itself from the excesses of formalism losing its rigidity in the eclecticism of the postmodernist expanse, contemporary art.

SOME OF MY FAVORITES ARTISTS who were progenitors of late modernism and post-modernist art making like Abstract Expressionism, Fluxus, Neo Geo, Minimalism and Color Field, to name a few:  

Anselm Keifer – Frank Stella – Rothko – Magdalena Abacanovitch – Ron Davis – Clifford Still – Tom Holland – Helen Frankenthaller – Ad Reinhardt – Tom Wesselman – Warhol

and there are so many others….