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WALL DÉCOR VOODOO    by Zhee Singer           


I’m not a vampire. I’m much worse than that, I’m an artist.

Well, I’m asking myself how the hell that happened to me. It goes something like this: When I was kid I tried singing and heard a squealing pig. Okay – I wasn’t gonna be a singer.

Apparently, my brain is like an eclipsed marshmallow in flames retrograde   yeah so terrible at math too. Somehow 2 + 2 got me 22. So, I was compelled to forget S.T.E.M. I’ll never be a physicist.


One day at about age 17 I went to the art museum and looked up at some art that I didn’t understand and thought well even though I may not understand it, it looks like the crazy person who made this stuff felt free to do what they damn well pleased and that, my friends, with my predisposition towards a derelict life of creative expansion got me very excited and so I resolved to become an artist.

I’ve been drawing, painting, making things and designing ever since those days of youthful folly and since art is always a matter of interest and opinion – irrespective of its grandiose cultural and intellectual epistemology, I’ll leave it to you to decide whether the work I make is any good.


I wanna make art

but what shall I do

color to start

paint it with goo


then I got smart

did it bigger and better

worked like a dog

and ruined my sweater

I painted all night

fretting and sad

when I was finished

I felt really glad

now it’s done

its big and red

it was lotsa fun

now I'm in bed

dreaming of another

I can’t get enough

can’t stop painting

even when tough

hope you like it

I did it for you

ready to hang

wall décor voodoo